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Sourav Joshi was born on 8 September 1999 in India. He is an influencer on social media. He also runs a youtube channel. Sourav makes videos on his daily life and has a huge huge fan following on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook

BIOGRAPHY of Sourav Joshi

BIRTHSaurav Joshi was born on the 8 September 1999 in Uttrakhand, India. He completed his schooling from govt high school and graduated in Fine Arts from Punjab group of college.

FAMILY- Saurav Joshi was born in Hindu Family. His father’s name is Harinder Joshi and his mother’s name is Hema Joshi. Sourav has two younger siblings. One of the siblings is named Piyush Joshi and the other is named Sahil Joshi.








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CAREER– Before starting his life on youtube he use to post his art pieces on Facebook. He released the drawing’s first lapse video in 2017. In past, he sketched many famous faces like Tiger shroff, Triggered Insaan, Hrithik Roshan, Gaurav Taneja, and many more. 

Later on, he started his career as a YouTuber. He launched his youtube channel in the year 2018 and his debut video was launched in the year 2019. He is famous for his channel on youtube named Sourav Joshi Vlogs. Here he uploads a video based on his daily life. Even on this platform, he was unable to get a lot of fame. During the pandemic, he faced the challenge of uploading videos for 365 days. This year his views on every single video reached near to 1 million. He also made a record for making daily videos for 365 days on youtube. 


In the year 2022 Sourav attracted the limelight under the controversial statement made by a YouTuber. A YouTuber named Gora Vlogger posted a video on his channel stating that he went to meet Sourav outside his house but the Sourav did not come to greet him.

 Later another controversial statement came into the limelight when YouTuber named ‘Neon Man’ posted a video on his YouTube channel stating that Sourav misbehaved with his followers by citing the ‘Gora vlogs’ video. Sourav commented on Neon Man’s video that Gora is trying to defame him and telling one side of the story or his safe side of the story. Sourav claimed that the moment he passed the Gora Vlogger, he was taking his mother to the dentist. Where Neon Man further commented by replying to Sourav that he was just doing his work and never intended or mean to hurt any person. After this scandal, Sourav deleted his comment on Gora’s video to end this controversy. Once things were sorted and came to an end another controversy came into the limelight. Where another vlogger named Manoj Dey commented and stated under Gora’s video that Saurav had been rude to him as well, where he further stated that Sourav straightway blocked him instead of asking him to remove the controversial thumbnail that he used against his younger brother named Piyush Joshi. 

FACTS about Sorav Joshi- 

.Sourav is an Indian social media influencer and runs a YouTube channel named ‘Sourav Joshi Vlogs’.

. He has a tattoo on his right hand.

. In the year 2022, he participated in the event named unacademy one organized by unacademy

.In the year 2021, he stated that he received an offer from a Delhi-based marketing and talent management firm.

.Sourav stated that in the year 2020 he was about to get the golden button but was unable to receive one because of some videos that were against the youtube community guidelines.

.He also appeared in some of the music videos.

.In the pandemic year 2020, during the lockdown he completed the target of making videos everyday i.e. 365 videos in one year

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