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Health benefit of raw food

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Raw food diet is mainly contained of food which are unprocessed which have high Dietary fiber amount. This diet is completely different diet from other However, it is healthier in terms of health and wellbeing than eating food items which are cooked or processed.

This diet generally includes sprouts, fruits, vegetable, some dairy products, raw fish, meat, nuts and seeds.

Raw food diet help to improve well-being, overall health and also help in preventing disease. This can also help to reduce or maintain weight due to dietary fiber present in food.

Foods that are processed or refined are prohibited when eating a raw diet, but dried or dehydrated food items can be a good option.


  1. Raw fruits
  2. Raw vegetables
  3. Milk
  4. Raw nuts
  5. Sprouted/soaked grains and legumes
  6. Dry meats

All fruits will like to give more energy, better skin, help to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Raw fruits are packed with Antioxidants and Flavonoids that act as a health boosting.

Although not all vegetable is safe to eat in it’s raw form. Because many of the raw vegetables contain toxic substance that can be dangerous; chaconine and oxalic acid are the toxic substance that are naturally present in raw vegetables. Spinach, beet root, carrots, broccoli, peas; all this vegetable are best source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Fiber, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Iron, Carotene and other nutrients. They also play role in preventing cancer.

Milk that comes from cow, sheep or goat contain harmful bacteria like E. coli, salmonella and other bacteria that cause foodborne illness or food poisoning. Milk should be heated thoroughly before consume or further any process. Milk is loaded with antimicrobial, amino acid, fatty acidvitamins and minerals. Adding milk into daily diet will improve digestion and nourishes the body completely.

Raw nuts are good source of fats into diet; they are stuffed with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty aciddietary protein. Nuts in diet will reduce inflammation related to heart, keep artery healthy, lowers blood pressure issue.

Sprouted Grains and legumes have higher count of amino acid, vitamin C, vitamin K, dietary fiber and other mineral. this food supports your body by improving digestion, reducing weight, improve heart health and reduce blood sugar level.

Dry meats have higher amount of protein, vitamin and mineral rather than fat and calories. Meat is cut in uniformed shaped and gradually dehydrated to eliminate microbes by removing moisture present in meat. Thin slices of dry meat can be consumed on snack time, which will keep stomach full longer periods and also great for nourishing health.


  1. Processed meats, fruits, vegetables and grains
  2. Sugars refined and flour
  3. Tea and coffee
  4. Alcohol
  5. Refined oil

Heating food will destroy foods natural enzyme and nutrient, which make its quality poor because enzymes fight against chronic disease and boost digestion. Diet that are high in sugar and crabs will leads to heart complication, weight gain, mood disorder, and other health problems.

Due to significant amount of caffeine present in tea and coffee will generate problems related to blood and digestive system. Alcohol consumption will leads in increase of fatty acid synthesis and decreases fat breakdown which promote prevention of nutritional absorption, obesity, heart problems, lower digestive capacity and can cause bloating or acid reflux.

Everyday consumption of refined oil leads to obesity, diabetes, reproductive issues, gastrointestinal disease and other complication.

Very little processing

Raw food should not be refined, pasteurized nor should be heated over 40-48ºC this will destroy nutrients, fiber and other enzyme in food which will leads to health effects, such as the risk of cardio-metabolic disease, obesity including type-2 diabetes, cancer digestive disorders, cardiovascular disease, syndrome, depression.

Since raw food is a diet that avoids any processing at all There may be health benefits that come with eating your meals in raw form.

High in fiber

Eating dietary fiber is a key to ensure a healthy digestion as well as gut health The raw food diet is a great source of the nutrient in abundance. Cooking doesn’t reduce levels of fiber found in food items but can affect on other heat sensitive nutrient, therefore cooking or heating technique must be considered before processing the food.

Stocking up pantry with enough number of fresh fruits and vegetables including sprouts, nuts and seeds, can be a good habit. You can also create your own garden for endless supplies of raw food in your backyard or terrace; if not you can buy it from your local food stalls who provides fresh raw food.  

Drink fresh Eat fresh

Make sure you invest in a dehydrator that can make sweet potato chips that are crunchy made from peeled and cut sweet potatoes. Buy a food processor or blender to make your own liquids and the raw chocolate chips “cookies.” This will add variety into diet as well as it will help to keep health in check by boosting your immune system, aid digestion, managing weight and remove toxic material from body.

Health benefit of raw food

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Health benefit of raw food

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