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Ultra-low-fat diet is a diet where the amount of fat and protein is low comparing the amount of carbohydrate present in diet. Both fat and protein have 10% of their calories and carbohydrate contain 80% of its calories in daily diet. This diet was designed to lower the fat consume from your daily diet and cut down fat from body. Exercising while following this diet will help to loss more weight faster than just following this diet.

What makes ultra-low-fat diets work?

There are many diets method, home remedies and supplements that claims to decrease weight but without any scientific results. Tracking your diet and exercise is the major step in diet; this will help to be aware of things you eat or drink in your daily life. Restriction of fats will help in maintain weight, increase hearth health, keep digestive system healthy, optimize cholesterol and keep blood sugar on track

Key is to remember that not all fats are bad; saturated and trans-fat should be avoided in daily. Saturated and trans-fat are generally present in oily or fried food product. This increases health risk of humans because, low density lipoprotein presents in fat. Beside these Monounsaturated fatOmega-3 and Omega-6 provide great benefit to body. 

Monounsaturated fats will cut down bad cholesterol level present inside body; eventually result in lowering the risk of heart complication and stroke. This good fat will help in to developing and maintaining body’s cells. Almond, Hazelnut, Sesame seeds and Pumpkin seeds are the rich source of monounsaturated fats.

Omega-3 are the polyunsaturated fatty acid; polyunsaturated fatty acid is the fatty acid which are essential to body, these fatty acids are necessary for brain function as well as cells growth. Omega-3 fatty acid are found in flax seed, nuts and vegetable oil. Having omega-3 in diet can control lupus, arthritis and prevent cancer cell and other complication to rise.

Omega-6 another family member of polyunsaturated fatty acid. Excellent source of these fatty acid are soybean, sunflower, nuts and seeds and corn. Omega-6 fatty acid stimulate hair and skin growth, regulate metabolism, keep bones healthy and maintain reproductive system in check.

This diet low in fat may be beneficial for serious conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. It may be necessary to restrict your intake of healthy foods such as eggs, nuts, unprocessed meats, fatty fish, and extra virgin oil. Furthermore, this diet is not recommended to everyone.

Ultra-low-fat diet carry possibility risk of hormone imbalance and insulin resistance. Some of the risks are mentioned below:

  • Low brain function
  • Hearth health
  • Developing depression and anxiety
  • Abnormality in insulin
  • Digestion problem

Fat is a fundamental key for normal brain function; Brain is made up of mostly fat and due to that brain required regular flow of fatty acid. Omega-3 plays a crucial role for learning and memory also they play vital role of building blocks of brain. Keeping omega-3 in daily diet can prevent you this complication, this improves high density lipoprotein or good cholesterol in brain. High density cholesterol serves as a critical brain nutrient because it helps in neurons and neurotransmitter of the brain.

Heart the primary organ of body is more important to human because, brain and nervous system direct the function of heart. Generally, fats provide adverse side effect to heart health but some good fats can be also beneficial of its health. Saturated fats present in oils will increase low density lipoprotein level inside the body which can leads to heart complication and stroke; these saturated fats are mainly found in bakery items and oils. Combination of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in diet will improve heart health. These fats can increase healthy lipid profile present inside blood lines, maintain blood pressure, regulate glucose level and control cholesterol level by eliminating bad cholesterol.

Unhealthy fats can lead depression and anxiety to human; diet with high fats and sugar promotes obesity which boost mental health impairment, metabolic dysfunction and neuroinflammation. As mood is associate with brain function, increasing healthy dietary fats in diet can reduce depression anxiety and other mental disorders. Omega-3 in diets as well as omega-3 supplements will help you to boost your mood and brain function.

Higher fat level alters insulin resistance in blood in by intruding glucose transportation in muscle. Insulin are hormones that help in regulating blood sugar level, hydrolyzing fat and protein and also help in storing fat. Insulin resistance will create more insulin which can cause weight gain and diabetic issue. Compared to the saturated fats, unsaturated fats have healthy benefits toward insulin resistance. Omega-3, Omega-6 and Monounsaturated present in sunflower seed, walnuts, flaxseed, soybean and vegetable oil will promote good health and extend insulin sensitivity.

Fat help in absorption vitamin improve brain health and control inflammation by providing essential fatty acid. Diarrhea and complication related to digestive tract can be caused by excessive fat present in it. Healthy fat also creates fullness in stomach as well as brings out flavour of food and slow down carbohydrate hydrolysis. Fat which are unabsorbed are collected in small intestine and colon which further leads to malnutrition by diarrhea and chronic complication. This will result in malnutrition because stomach can’t absorb essential nutrition for body, too much fats in tract can also create liver problems.

People who are struggling to reduce weight often use ultra-low-fat or low-fat diet. This is because fat has direct source of calories compare than the other major nutrients. Fat has 9 calories per gram whereas, protein and carbohydrate have 4 calories each. Furthermore, people who eat less fat can lose weight; Even though the weight loss is modest, it is still considered important for your health.

Currently at this time, there are many changes in society that doesn’t prove the other causes which led to obesity. Food that are loaded with trans-fat and extra calories became avoidable when people started to believe that fat was the cause of all evil. These foods are loaded with sugar, refined carbs, and trans fats that can lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases. However, people can limit their fat-longing and sugar-craving that have played a role in the obesity and other complication.

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