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The official launch of the Apple iPad (10th Generation) in India has been completed with a new design powered by A14 Bionic chips. For a long period, the iPad (10th Generation) 10.2 was the cheapest iPad.

Apple today upgraded its base-level iPad with a new design. This modern-looking design eliminates the need for wide bezels and allows for a more symmetrical design. Apple has a variety of iPads available in its portfolio.

At an event, Apple unveiled multiple new devices, including the 10th Generation, the new iPad Pro, and the Apple TV 4K India. Apple has updated the iPad Pro with the M2 chip set and re-designed in its iPad 10.

The iPad (10th Generation) is where our attention is currently being directed, you’ll find all the information you need about the iPad (10th Generation) right here, from its pricing and availability to its technical specifications.

The official launch of the Apple iPad (10th Generation) in India has been completed with a new design powered by A14 Bionic chips. The iPad (10th Generation) is the first iPad launched in India. Apple has upgraded its base-level iPad with a new design.

This modern-looking design has more symmetrical design. The 9th generation iPad will not be discontinued by Apple, but it is still the most affordable iPad at Rs 33,900.

Let’s look at the new iPad’s pricing, specifications and availability. iPad 10th Generation will be available in India starting October 28.

Apple iPad (10th Gen) specs and features

Apple has updated it’s standard ipad from previous iPads like the iPad 9th gen, with the 10.9-inch display which has Retina LCD. The new iPad features symmetrical bezels. Even though the Touch ID button has been removed from bottom of the screen and for upgradation apple has added power button with the feature of fingerprint sensor at the top of the iPad toward the left side. it still offers a better viewing experience than the 9th-generation iPad.

The A14 Bionic is the processor that drives the iPad 10th generation. Earlier models of the iPad Air and iPhone 12 used this processor

You can use this iPad for creating digital art, playing heavy graphically games, school assignments, picture, video editing and many more.

The iPad 10th generation has a feature of 12MP ultrawide front face camera as well as 12MP rear camera which will allow you to carry out both better video calling with Centre Stage and 122-degree field of view and skillful recording in 4K UHD. You can record any video with the amazing quality 24fps25fps30fps and 60 fps A 12-megapixel sensor is also located on the rear.

For better audio and video quality apple has built it’s iPad 10th gen with stereo speakers and two microphones. this will improve your experience while playing music, games or watching videos.

Wi-Fi5G, and USB-C ports for quick charging and accessory connection are just some of the connectivity capabilities included in the new iPad (10th Generation), with landscape stereo speakers flank on sides.

Apple iPad 10th gen price in India

Wi-Fi + cellular versions of the Apple iPad 10th Gen are available. The price starts at Rs. 44,900 for 64GB, and the 256GB WiFi + cellular version goes up to Rs. 74,000 with 10 hours of battery life. This price may varies according to deals and discount offers by the purchasing website or EMI offers.

How to check Debit Emi

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iPad (10th gen) design

  • Flatter edges with wider and slimmer body
  • Touch ID

The 10th generation device has flatter edges along with  Touch ID sensor which is added in power button; side top left of the device.

Also, The new entry-level iPad (10th Generation) features a fresh design and comes in four vibrant colors: Blue, Pink, Silver and Yellow. All this gives the device a sleeker, modern look.

The FaceTime HD front camera is now located on the right edge of the screen rather than at its top. A Smart Connector is also on the left edge. The 10th generation iPad is slightly smaller and wider, measuring compare to Apple’s previous models.

The measurement of iPad 10th gen are 179.5×248.6x7mm and it’s weight is only about 477 g. Therefore; this new model is slightly lighter and wider compare to all iPads. but its not as tall as its previous model which is iPad 9th gen

Hardware and specifications for iPad (10th generation)

  • A14 Bionic chip
  • 64/264GB storage
  • USB-C
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Apple Pencil Supporter (first gen)

The A14 Bionic chip is used in the 10th generation iPad. This makes sense since it’s an upgrade to the 9th Generation but a step below the iPad Air, which runs on M1 chips

The storage options for the 10th-generation iPad are identical to the 9th-generation model. It starts at 64GB and 256GB along with option of WiFi and Wifi + Cellular.

The 10th-generation model also features a Smart Connector, just like the 9th-generation model. Apple pencil has it’s significant role for taking note or for doodling or creating digital art. This pencil might be heavier and it comes with an adapter which is needed to pair and charger to make Apple pencil work

Headphone jack has been removed by the Apple, for the 10th generation and up-coming latest-generation of iPad.

iPad (10th gen) software

  • iPadOS 16

When the Apple iPad (10th Generation) launches on October 24, it will be compatible with iPadOS 16. The iPad (10th Generation) will offer the same user experience and features as the other iPads.

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