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Email hosting is just as important as a website. Although most hosting plans include email hosting, it is not always true. What if you only need to host email? Great question. The research team spent two weeks searching for the best email hosting providers. They narrowed down hundreds of choices to their top picks. Hostinger is the top choice for most due to its low prices, easy-to-use Flockmail interface, and calendar and video integrations.

For most users, the best email hosting provider

Hostinger offers high-quality email hosting in a hosting web package. This allows you to manage all your accounts from one dashboard. In late 2019, it partnered with Flock to make things even better for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Advanced search can be used to send and search mail quickly. Advanced calendaring integrations make it easy to organize and set up meetings for up 50 people.

Email Hosting: When it makes sense to invest

Hosting providers for email hosting make every effort to make it easy to purchase their services. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to purchase email hosting. We’ve listed three situations where it makes sense to invest in email hosting.

Situation 1: When you want to standardize your business email communications

You likely have multiple email addresses for your entire business: customer support emails, informational messages, and staff emails.

Email hosting allows you to match all your emails with your domain. This standardizes how all your emails look within your company. This makes your business look more professional and creates consistency in its brand image.

You can also create separate email addresses for different departments in your company to help you organize and structure all communications. You can keep track of all messages by having separate email IDs for different purposes and departments.

Situation 2: If you find yourself in your Subscribers’ Spam folders Frequently

Email marketing can be a highly effective and profitable marketing channel – provided your emails reach your subscribers’ inboxes.

If the message comes from a free provider like Yahoo or Gmail, most recipients will mark it as spam. This can eventually lead to a decrease in conversion rates, which will ultimately hurt your bottom line.

However, branded emails sent from well-known platforms can signal that your messages are less dangerous and you’re okay to accept them. This will help you avoid spam folders.

Situation 3: If you want greater security for your sensitive data

Email security has become a top priority, with data breaches becoming more frequent in recent years. Particularly important for businesses that deal with confidential and sensitive data.

Employees being allowed to use personal email accounts for free poses a risk to your company’s data. You cannot control many things, including data privacy and who your employees share their information with.

The best email hosting companies provide top-notch encryption and security measures to protect your business from unauthorized access.

Hostinger The Most effective and efficient

Hostinger landed in the top three positions in our best web hosting service and best cheap web hosting guide rankings. Unsurprisingly, it is also our #1 choice for email hosting. Hostinger aims to provide “everything you need for email,” so it can help you build your brand with Titan professional email. Hostinger offers all the services you need in one affordable package: web hosting, website building, and email hosting. You can schedule meetings, start video calls, and manage contacts using Flockmail’s powerful integrated calendar and contacts apps. Titan works seamlessly across all major browsers and native Android and iOS apps, so you can keep in touch with your email wherever you are. Titan partners with hosting companies, so you can quickly find any email. Titan’s advanced search options make it possible to find emails deep within your mailbox quickly. Another benefit is the high-quality security. Your account information is secure from malware, spam, phishing attacks and other threats.


Hostinger’s greatest strength is its extremely low pricing. It’s almost dirt cheap. You can get Google workspace email for as low as 480 per month. This includes 30GB of email storage, unlimited mail filters, antivirus check, smart reply, smart compose, grammar suggestions, advanced phishing protection that blocks 99.9% of attacks, access to email, voice and video calling, and 100 participant video conferences. There is no recording.

If you are not impressed, Hostinger guarantees a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Notice: Prices shown above are discounted. They may increase if the offer ends.

Methodology to Choose the Best Email Hosting Provider

We wanted to provide you with a list that only included the most reliable email hosting providers. We considered these factors to narrow down the options and eliminate unsuitable providers.

Security Level

Protecting your email content against unauthorized access and eyes should be a top priority for the best email hosting provider. It would be best if you looked for services that combine several advanced tools to protect your data, including end-to-end encryption and pretty good privacy encryption (PGP), open-source code, two-factor authentication, metadata handling, and two-factor authentication. This is not about having all security features but the right combination. Providers that combine metadata handling with an advanced security tool to safeguard an email’s contents are recommended.

Flexibility and compatibility

You may be a business owner and know how important productivity is. This is why you need an email provider that works for you, not against you.

No matter how many employees you have, your email should allow everyone to communicate with each other using shared calendars and global addresses. You should look for email hosting companies that provide enterprise-level sync with mobile devices and web-based apps.

You also want to be able to customize your email platforms and choose from a variety of features. Choose an email hosting company that provides various features and different service levels and allows you to upgrade as your business grows.

Storage and attachment limits

A potential email hosting service provider should provide at least 2GB of email storage and additional storage for archiving. To protect your data from data breaches, ensure that all archived data is regularly backed up using data protection mechanisms. Another important consideration is attachment limits. It is reasonable to assume that large files cannot be sent via email. However, the service you are considering should provide a file-sharing tool that allows you to include a link to the file’s location on the server. This will facilitate collaboration.

Customer Support

Email hosting that is reliable and trustworthy should allow you to manage your email environment with full control and provide 24-hour customer support. You’ll always have access to technical support and avoid any email downtime. To determine the customer service efficiency and promptness of a potential provider, look for these customer support options:

Availability (Uptime)

Even an hour of downtime can cost your business thousands of dollars in today’s online world. Email is essential to any company’s productivity as it often contains important company data. Looking for a hosting provider that guarantees 99.9% uptime is important. This assurance ensures that you will be paid for any unexpected downtime that exceeds expectations, providing you did not cause the downtime.


There are many affordable and amazing email hosting options available. Take some time to define your needs. Next, choose a hosting service provider that suits your needs and priorities. If you still have trouble choosing a hosting provider, we recommend Hostinger or Google Workspace. Both are safe choices due to their stellar brand reputation and excellent feature set.

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