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Domain name by Hostinger


Hostinger was established on 2011; hostinger provide hosting service to it’s developer and customers. Many beginners are unaware of the difference between domain name and web hosting. we have tried our best to explain the difference of web hosting and domain name; it is necessary to differentiate between web hosting and domain names.

What is a domain name?

Domain name are the physical address of website. With help domain name its easy to find website instead of using IP address. IP (Internet Protocol) address are the numerical label that are separated by dots; 69.420.46.1 is the example of IP address, which deliver two main functions, that are:

  • Location addressing
  • Network interface identification

For computer IP address number are easy to identify and recognize. Human can’t remember those names that’s where domain name is helpful for company and websites to be easily remembered by people.

How to get domain names?

Domain names include words which are simple and easy to type. User don’t have to enter a IP address to visit a company’s website. Instead, you can enter a simple domain name like https://theequipage.com to visit website.

Hostinger provider domain name for 1 year with 2 years registration or more. With hostinger its easier to find perfect domain name for your company. Price of domain extension can be varied in between of Rs. 75 to Rs.200; domain extension is mentioned below:

    • .in – Rs. 149
    • .com – Rs. 299
    • .online – Rs. 75
    • .live – Rs. 272
    • .store – Rs. 75
    • .info -Rs. 299

If you are wondering how to create domain name? than we can help you with that too. You must select domain name with 2-3 words keep it short because sometimes less is more, include brand name or keywords related to company into your domain name, check domain availability on hostinger search bar, select extension which is popular in your city or country and finally hold copyrights by registering your domain name 

What is web hosting?

Web Hosting is a service that give access and provide storage space for website. Web hosting by Hostinger offers facilities such as: provide housing, serving and maintaining files for many websites. Hostinger has different plan based on their customers need, they are also creative with their plan feature and have ideal solution for beginners to pro-businessman.

Hostinger are experts in hosting websites. They provide their clients with a selection of hosting options to choose from. Price of these packages varied between Rs. 69 per month – Rs. 249 per month; renewed charges will be applied after one month of subscription. You can upgrade your plan based on your storage requirement and other facilities. There are four different types of hosting provided by Hostinger, they are:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

Shared hosting the most economical choice compare to other hosting, because overall cost of the server is been splitted between customers who shared the same network. This hosting is popular among beginners or bloggers; users receive certain amount of server and storage for their files and data.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) upgrade version of hosting that provides virtualizes server resource which is shared by other users.

Cloud hosting optimal choice for individual because, user can increase processing power if needed. This hosting helps in accessing website and application from cloud resource.

Dedicated hosting user can get single server for their business data. This hosting is expensive compare to other hostings; for beginners dedicated hosting can be difficult to handle so, this hosting is more recommended to customers who runs professional business.

How domain name function?

As previous domain name and web hosting are the important fundaments of website. Domain name is associate to its own individual IP address whereas, web server needs hosting service which is provided by hosting company. User uses search engine to search online company using keywords or domain name; as domain name is associate with IP address and it run through global network of Domain Name System server (DNSs) which is used to identify keywords entered by the user. 

After, that is server will return back to the browser with information about IP address which is stored in domain’s hosting service. This web server holds every detail about company including websites database, HTML code and files. Lastly, web browser turns every data into web page that can be easily understandable to user. 

Types of domain name

There are several types of domain name on different other platform. These types of domain name can help to define more about websites. In this article you can find utmost common types of domain name by hostinger, some are:

  • TLD (Top-Level Domain)
  • ccTLD (Country Code Top-level Domain)
  • gTLD (Generic Top-Level Domain)
  • SLD (Second Level Domain)
  • Subdomain

TLD is the most rank domain name among all the domain name, also a domain extension. .com, .io, .net and .store TLD are some of the favored extension among customer. This type of extension drives more organic traffic compare to others.

ccTLD extension are generally used for specified country or for reserved country. ccTLD use international code which contain only two letters. This domain name is mainly used for international company in different country.

gTLD extension uses three or more character in its domain, .com, .net, .org are extension which are globally recognized. These extension does not rely on country code as ccTLD does.

SLD it is a part of domain name, which is wrote before the top-level domain name and separated by dot.

Additional part of your domain is known as subdomain. Subdomain help to navigate sections of online store, such as shop.theequipage.com a piece of information or direction information which is added before website’s domain name.

Transfer your domain name

Transfer of a domain name is a process of changing domain registrar. This is a simple process which can take up-to 1 week or based on the hosting service provider. With hostinger this process can hold wait of 4 to 7 days.

Domain registrar will manage the reservations of internet domain name and offer several support and maintenance service to their customer. Customer can change their registrar for better service.

We hope this article, should have clear up the difference between web hosting and domain names. For more article please visit our home page. Please feel free to comment below your visiting experience, your comments will help us to know our visitor better. GRACIAS! 

Domain name by Hostinger

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