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What exactly is what is a “domain name “?

Just like simple name domain names are the name that are used to your website. After registering a domain, user become the only person of that URL and may prevent anyone from using it. You have complete and absolute authority.

Now days it’s necessary to have your company online. More specifically, without a domain name your company is almost low-profile. To out-shine your company you must select unique name that is easy to remember.

What’s so special about choosing a unique domain name?

Having a domain name makes your company seem more professional. A domain name shows that you’re serious, and more crucially, that you’re not trying to pass yourself off as someone else. Thing that should keep in mind while choosing a good and perfect domain name

  • Keyword
  • Brand & website name
  • Length
  • Simplicity 

Choosing the right keywords will help another user to find and recognize your company. Keyword are defined as words or relevant words that are related to your company that include what you do or things you have in offers. Keywords also help in targeting local user and customer.

The brand name & website name should be the same as your domain name. This will help to outstand and gain awareness among worldwide users. 

Length is a fundamental part for choosing a domain name. A domain name should be a maximum upto 3 words which can be easy to remember.

Simplicity is the key to remember. Domain name must be as simple as possible which are not complicated, this name must be easy to remember. 

Having your own domain name shows that you are forward-thinking with your work and comfortable with maintaining customer and social shifts. That instantly makes you sound experienced, polished and up-to-date.

The appropriate domain name may bring in consistent revenue. A domain name that sounds alluring is more likely to drive visitors to your website or brand. It’s also useful for drawing the attention of clients who are just passing by.

Creating a tagline for your company online with a unique domain name. Having a domain name means that your company can be found by customers all around the globe. As Your company advances into its field it takes on a life of its own, taking on a definite identity and becoming a brand in the process that you need to work on.

For an acknowledged online presence, choose a domain name that is both short and memorable. This will allow your customers to think of your business when they need your service.

A customer’s perception of your firm will suffer if your domain name is bulky, illogical, or irrelevant. It also makes it difficult to discover your domain in online searches and other social platform.

It’s possible to create a webpage without spending any cost. However, you’ll need to relax your financial budget if you want your website to grow, or to generate any type of interaction with people at all.

Price to establish a website?

Domain name and web hosting are the merest requirements for your company. The costs will vary widely between domain extensions.

You can purchase a fresh new domain name or an already established one. The annual cost of a domain name with BigRock ranges from as little as Rs. 99 to as much as Rs. 1,499 (Top-level domain).

BigRock’s top-level domain prices are as follows: –

  • To Register a Domain Name Annually
    Renewals/year Transfers/year
    599 INR/ 679 INR/ 639 INR
    price per dollar (.net): Rs. 639 Rs. 589 Rs. 549
    Currency: in Rs.449 Rs.584 Rs.499
    The prices range from Rs. 99 to Rs. 1099 to Rs. 2,704 on the internet.
    Prices at the shop range from Rs. 199 to Rs.  4433 OR Rs. 749 Rs. 859 Rs. 849 
    There are three price points available: Rs. 99, Rs. 799, and Rs. 819

After domain name web hosting is the second most essential component of a website. Web hosting will host your website for client which will help to manage your website and many more. Although shared web hosting is usually enough for a startup company or highly recommended to beginners.

When site traffic is beginning to raise you can shift to a private server is often owned and operated by web hostinger provider or cloud. We still recommend making a financial plan and conclusive which costs are necessary and which need to be cut. We’re certain that, once chosen, it will focus on your decision-making process along with saving your money.

Choosing the domain name registrar with a good reputation, such as BigRock, that offers not only approachable prices and reliable services with benefits of helpful and responsive customer care.

Things to keep in mind while buying domain name

There are several things to consider before buying domain name, which includes:

  • Privacy & data protection
  • Support
  • Transparency
  • Hidden fee’s structure

Personal information like name, address, email, contact number and other information need to be kept private. This data can be saved by imposter; avoid registrar who charge you for privacy service. When you do not secure your personal info or company data than in point of fact imposter can sell your private data to other parties.

While buying domain name you should be able to search or see the remaining fees structure like cancelling registration, renewal charges, or process of transferring domain name to other. Renewal fees will differ from domain purchasing price so look warily when you select domain name. Select your registrar that gives you complete transparency throughout and after the process. 

Price plays a fundamental role in buying anything, you can easily be fooled by cost hidden in the name of service and other charges. Sometimes, this makes hard to revoke registration after you have made your payment. We suggest you to look entirely information that are related to purchasing your domain name. 

BigRock sells domain names for Rs.99* for the first year. Don’t risk missing out on the ideal domain name just because you forgot to acquire it as soon as you came up with a name for your website.

Services offered by BigRock

BigRock gives you several options for web hosting, so you pay and get exactly what you need. Choose a membership package from BigRock that best suits your company as well as budgets.

  • A BigRock Domain Name Registration

BigRock’s domain registration service is swift, straightforward, and inexpensive. If you want to launch a website, you’ll need to get in touch with someone to register a domain name. It may be done by a number of hosting providers, however BigRock is the well-made among them. 

Not only can you choose and verify the availability of a domain name for your website, but you can also register and transfer your domain name to other. Additionally, you get access to a group of BigRock professionals that will look after you and help you with everything you need.

  • Website Redirection Extension

Domain registration is only one step in the process of making a website; selecting the right domain extension is equally essential. BigRock gives you many more possibilities rather than just offering .com when selecting a domain extension, including .biz, .info, .net, .org, .global, and many more.

  • Internet Space and Time Provision by BigRock

BigRock’s hosting are professionals that have years of expertise managing websites, so you can trust them with yours. This hosting company offers a broad variety of services, including Linux hosting, Windows hosting, WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting, and more.

BigRock will provide a hosting package that won’t break the bank for your company; They have wide range of service for you based on how much money you have and what features your website needs.

Gmail are no longer adopted as an official business communication. Nowadays commercial enterprises depend on more protected system, preferably a separate network.

With BigRock, you receive your own secure e-mail server, complete with spam filtering and virus protection. Get access to a massive 2 GB of storage space. Large companies that require a reliable email network often subscribe to this service.

The Do-It-Yourself Website Builder from BigRock is a fantastic resource for building your own website. BigRock has good deals and experience, but it encourages people to utilize their imagination and develop a website in their own unique style. In this case, you’ll have everything you need to create a sturdy and useful website with all the vital and appealing features. You can finally achieve exactly the kind of website you’ve always imagined of.

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