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Amazon seller & affiliate marketing

Amazon seller

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon. It is an America-based multinational technology company that provides an online platform for trading goods and services online. It also focuses on online advertising, cloud comp[uting, artificial intelligence, and digital streaming. According to the latest data, among Americans five biggest IT companies Amazon is known to be the world’s most valuable brand. Around 2.14 billion people around the world buy online from the Amazon store, where approx. 150 million people around the world are prime members of amazon. Amazon is one of the well-established countries through technological innovation and also by choosing the right path of reinvestment of profits into capital expenditure.

Types of e-commerce:-

Common business model-
B2C-Business to consumer
B2B-Business to other Business
C2B-Consumer to business
C2C-consumer to other consumers
B2G-Business to government agencies
C2G-Consumer to government
G2B-Government to business
G2CGovernment to consumer
One of the e-commerce online stores known as Amazon.com sells many product lines, which may include:-
.Media- books, music, software, movies
.Baby products
.Beauty products
.Healthcare products
.Personal care product
.Kitchen items
.Garden items
.Supporting goods
.Musical instruments
.Toys and Games, and many more.


To date, many small and branded owners have come together on a single online shopping platform Amazon. Where they sell their products globally in more than 200+ countries with no risk and secure payments.

Be part of this journey and join the amazon online business with simple steps 


-> Create an ACCOUNT

Create your account in just three simple steps. 


 pan card,

 GST number, 

your current active bank account details

->Easy Listing, Storing, and Delivery

Now done with a complete listing of your products and choose whatever way you feel comfortable for storage, packaging, and delivery of your product. You can either choose the simplest of Amazon FBA where you need not stress about your product package, storage, and delivery. 

-> Monitor sales and Track Growth

Easily track your customer’s order by sitting at your home only. You can even monitor the sales growth and the payment settlements on amazon’s centralized dashboard available on desktop and app. Thus staying aware of the order summary. 

->Get Paid for your Sales 

Once you become a verified seller on amazon and your orders have been started placing by the customers, your payments will be safely deposited in your registered bank account within every 7 days, even pay on delivery orders. 


Step 1- click on the registration link given on the official website

Step 2- Login or choose create a new on amazon.in

Step 3- enter the company name provided in your GST

Step 4- now enter the OTP to verify your mobile number

Step 5- fill in the details such as store name, product, and business address.

Step 6- Now enter your GST number, PAN, and tax details

Step 7- click on the products to sell option from the dashboard and start listing your product.

Step 8- Enter your product name and barcode number

Step 9- Enter the price of your product, quality of the product, MRP, and shipping option.

Step 10- finish and save the details of the product to add your product to the inventory

Step 11- Click on the ‘Launch your Business’. 




It is the marketing strategy where an online retailer gives the website owner access to create affiliate links. Knowing that you are the website owner, affiliate links must be promoted and the website should be completely managed by you. Whenever the customers visit this link or make a purchase you will directly get the commission with each purchase.

In case if already runs a website or a blog, affiliate marketing is the best choice for you. You only make money the moment your affiliate links are used in the transaction.


All you need is to promote the link and provide traffic to amazon and earn money as per purchase commission. Money will be safely delivered to your account

Sign up– join many other content creators, bloggers, and website owners and earn money in a very easy way

Recommend– share and promote the affiliate link, bring customers to amazon, and earn commission per purchase

Earn– earn up to 10% in the affiliate fees in a very simple way with no risk and a safe money transfer to your account

How to join?

.If you already own a website or blog, all you need is to create an account on Amazon affiliate

.A unique associate ID will be provided to the website owner, by the amazon

.With the approval of the application from amazon, associates will be able to create links in their amazon portal

.Now all you need is to place and promote the links on your website and garb traffic

.Once the customer clicks the link and makes the purchase, the associates will earn a commission per purchase

Thus join now and earn in just simple steps. All you need is to promote the link and bring traffic to amazon. With no risk, the payment will safely transfer to your bank account( your current active account with which you have registered). All the details can be easily tracked through the app.

Though it very simple and easy way to earn money, then also this program has many rules and requirements, therefore you need to cope with the eligibility to be the associate

.Enrollment and eligibility:- Basic requirement includes that the content on your site should not be copied and contains your original content. Your site cant contain any offensive and illegal content 

.Responsibility:- You should be responsible for any mishappening with your site also you have to maintain, check, and develop your site as per requirements 

.Promotional limitations:- Under the agreement, you won’t be able to promote or advertise any other product that shows any connection with amazon and is not permitted for promotion, not even in any offline source such as an e-book.

Though it sounds good to become an affiliate marketer on amazon, then also it has many pros and cons. There are six listed requirements on the amazon website which make them eligible, then also there are so many legal clauses that are general and don’t require any special listing thus read the requirements carefully before joining the amazon marketing affiliate program.

Amazon seller & affiliate marketing

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