Amazon Alexa a new member of your family


Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant technology designed by amazon, which help its customer to interact with technology and make living more fun. Amazon was created by Jaff Bezos in early 2014, Alexa was inspired by computer voice and controversial system. Nina Rolle is the real voice behind voice of Alexa

Alexa is the perfect member for your home that will provide multiple function, which will help you in your day-to-day life. Alexa is capable enough to interact with the user using voice rather than typing on screen. Alexa, can play music, switch any devices, check weather, connect with smart device and many more.

Alexa has been incorporated into many Amazon’s device such as Amazon Echo, Echo Spot, Echo Dot, Echo show and Amazon Fire TV. You can command any task to Alexa and it can reply you back with help of Alexa Voice Service (AVS). Here are the some of the best feature of Alexa that make its perfect for home.

Skills and feature of Alexa

Alexa is more qualified than just telling you current weather, with Alexa you get your personal trainer for gym, your chef partner while cooking, story teller by your bed side, aiding your wounds when hurt and many more. By home automation system build in Alexa; it can easily control any smart home devices connected to it. User can easily increase Alexa’s intelligent by installing skills from skills shop app. You can install Alexa’s skills by following:

  • You can find Alexa skills in its app, or install Alexa kills from app store
  • Ask Alexa about her skills ‘Alexa, what are your skills?’
  • Enable those skills you want
  • To cancel just say ‘Alexa, cancel’

You can also add different theme based on your mode, festive and seasons. Along with theme skill you can add sleep sound to your wake-up alarm tune or song quiz for your hosting party. For Alexa, skills are identical to app. Alexa skills offer hands-free interaction to user with effective interactive voice interface. By your voice you can easily connect and operate your cloud connected device. You can easily cancel skill subscription by your Amazon app:

  • Select manage subscription
  • Turn of Autorenew or End subscription

To cancel skill subscription, this step is just as simple as it is to add skill in Alexa.

There is plenty smart feature of Alexa but, going through its guide might get irritating. We are providing you Alexa’s top feature here, to get you begin with:

  • Manage your smart home
  • Alexa guard enhancement
  • Latest information
  • Alexa communication
  • Makes calls
  • Set reminder

We all dream of smart homes with Alexa you can build your smart home; by just connecting your smart devices to Alexa you can control your home by your voice. Simply say ‘set the temperature to 60 degrees’ or ‘turn of the lights’. Alexa will set your home thermostat up to your desirable temperature and will turn off the lights for you and the best part you don’t have to get up from your bed or chair; even if you’re concentrating at your work, you can ask Alexa to do all those things.

Personal guard for your home; Alexa Guard enhancement will protect your house from housebreaker. You can say ‘Alexa I’m heading out’ this will activate Guard mode in Alexa, not only this Alexa guard will turn off the lights for you when you heading out alongside this will also record every moment going on into your house. This feature can easily recognize the act of your pets to the step of robbers.

Who doesn’t need to get update from the new? With Alexa you can get any latest news around the corner. For news alert you can choose any new chancel from Alexa preferences than turn on device notification of your mobile. You can choose several news sources based on your choice and area.

Communication of technology has the best feature of Alexa. This feature helps you to communicate with Alexa to complete the task. This is great for kids and pets which allow access to games, entrainment along with different activity for kids. With this feature you can keep your pets engaging by just teaching Alexa some easy commands.

Alexa to Alexa call! You can call anyone one who has Alexa device in their home but in addition you must have contact number of people whom you are contacting with Alexa. On Alexa you can also block unwanted calls.

From simple to tough tasks, you can set reminder on Alexa. Alexa makes your life easier by storing and remembering your daily reminder. Amazon app can store your daily reminder on its app which will help Alexa to function smoothly.

In enlargements of its feature Alexa comes with different languages and voice. There are 8 languages built in Alexa which are: English, Hindi, German, Itali, Japanese, Spain French, Brazilian. This shape Alexa to make it world wide and give engaging experience to customer. Beside two main voices of Alexa; it has celebrity voice. You can switch Alexa to Ziggy or outer celebrity voice by simply going to; celebrity voice in Alexa is programmed to function with certain phrase.

In India Amitabh Bachchan is the celebrity voice of Alexa, you can add this voice in your Alexa just for Rs. 99 for year. Although you have Alexa and celebrity voice you can still switch Alexa voice to Ziggy. Ziggy is masculine voice for Alexa or wake word of Alexa; you can change these voices by commanding ‘Alexa, change your voice’ and your virtual assistant will change its voice, you can also change Alexa’s voice manually by going into settings menu of Amazon app. Ziggy is available in US country and now it is making it’s way to different countries. However, this may take a while but hope you can use this as soon as possible.

As of today, Alexa has competed with other AI devices just to be your virtual personal assistant. Just like normal human being understand you based on your habits, daily routine or on your behaviors; to know you better AI built in Alexa will detect your behaviors preference. This will help Alexa to know you based on your regularity. Alexa is fully dependent on AI system, automation and machine learning technology to reply and perform your given task.

Furthermore, in future Alexa will be more advance in machine learning technology that can be capable to carry out extreme task. As Alexa is a device and runs on AI system it is obvious that it can face technical error which can be bit challenging sometimes for reacting on its user’s order. To clear up this complication of Alexa; Amazon always boost its technology and error and enhance Alexa’s intelligence.

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